Personalized, knowledgeable service is absolutely the core foundation of Tucson family- owned Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth. We service and warranty what we sell from electric, gas and wood burning fireplaces to barbecues. If we sell it, we install it and repair it, and we’ve been doing just this for more than thirty years now.

Good service is oftentimes about communication; straight talk from those who know the product. Earth Energy’s showroom sales people and behind- the- scene technicians and repair experts are well versed in any scenario you might experience with your equipment.

Owner Ken Lund heads up Earth Energy’s installation and services teams. Ken’s ever-consistent attention to detail insures your family’s security and safety throughout the lifetime of your fireplace investment.

What can you honestly expect from Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth & Patio’s installation, service and repair teams?

You can expect on-time professional contractors who understand the possibilities and the limitations of your individual project.

You can expect a clean work space. We strive to intrude as little as possible in your home.

Yes, we make house calls for both residential and commercial fireplace concerns. We only ask that you give us the common courtesy of scheduling an appointment with as much advance notice as possible.

Our Tucson showroom is open 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday where at any time you can call in, 520-888-8867, and arrange to meet a licensed installation or repair team person to answer your questions.

We promise to communicate with you in an informative, straightforward manner. You can expect our full attention to resolve any possible issues you experience.

At Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth we exceed our customers’ expectations. Given the opportunity, we’ll exceed your expectations too.

Heat & Glo

A fireplace showpiece with a captivating presence. Modern in form and luxurious by design the FOUNDATION Series was created with profound consideration for the whole space, bringing everything seamlessly together. Let your distinctive spaces maintain their own character while you tastefully unite your overall design. A Foundations Series Pier fireplace brings your interior together.

Flare Fireplaces

Flare Fireplaces – Frameless In Every Way
Flare Fireplaces is where innovation, quality and luxury come together to form new ideas.
By combining superior raw materials, contemporary design, creative technology and a frameless thinking we have created a full line of indoor & outdoor linear modern fireplaces that are luxurious, simple to operate and efficient. Luxurious clean look, ergonomic design, simplification of operation & installation is what makes our product unique.

Monessen Gas Logs

We welcome Monessen, the newest brand in the Hearth and Home Technologies Faming Monessen brand products are known throughout the industry for their aesthetics, performance and convenience features. As a savvy consumer, you can feel good about making a smart purchase when you choose a Monessen product. It delivers the satisfaction of great performance for years to come.

BBQ Grills

Southern Arizona is BBQ country all year long. Earth Energy’s Hearth & Home specializes in built-in barbecue arrangements for every conceivable outdoor living space.

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