The word “hearth” is of possible European derivation meaning the floor of a fireplace which usually extended into a room that was paved with brick, flagstone or cement. The word “hearth” also denoted a warm and safe feeling of family and home, often associated with fireside gatherings when families came together for the purpose of warming themselves, and keeping the cold in abeyance.

Because of our mild winters and extremely hot summers, in Tucson and Southern Arizona, the meaning of the word hearth, for example our name, Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth & Home, translates today as a popular gathering place, as in the heart of the home.

Hearth still associates with fire, only we incorporate highly efficient, picturesque fireplaces that add design and beauty to any home.

Arizonans can have a very special hearth room in any room of the home…a bedroom, a kitchen, your bath or the traditional great room. It is a cozy, non-conforming place of comfort and welcome, beckoning with the feeling of warmth and light!

Frank Lloyd Wright, noted 20th century architect and builder, popularized and romanticized the notion that “The Fireplace is the heart of the home”, with which Tucsonans and southern Arizonans literally fell in love. His distinct designs are replicated in many of the products found today at Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth & Patio. Timeless re-creations of a master.

Purchasing your fireplace options from Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth & Patio is an enticing opportunity, we hope you’ll consider. However, you do not have to purchase from us in order to look and gather information. We are a trusted resource for Tucson, and Southern Arizona’s outlying neighbors. We are the go-to knowledge for fireplaces and the hearth.

Let Earth Energy’s Fireside Hearth & Patio stimulate your senses with exceptional ideas for your individualized hearth room.

Call us today at 520-888-8867 and schedule a tour of our welcoming showroom with your contractor or designer and one of our expert staff, who can answer your most problematic and thought-provoking questions. We delve into truly unusual designs through quality craftsmanship that you can investigate, capture, immolate and customize for your home’s hearth escape.