Gas inserts are the most popular type of inserts available. Their ease of use, cleanliness, and efficiency make them ideal for many homes. Rather than dealing with the mess and labor of hauling in wood, you can sit back and relax with a gas insert. Frequently available with remote controls, its as simple as pushing a button to enjoy the ambiance of a warm fire.

Gas inserts also have a multitude of options and accessories that enable you to customize the product to your needs, both today and in the future, turning your unused fireplace into one of your favorite parts of your home for years to come.

Innovation by the top-of-the-line brands we carry, such as Heat N Glo, Monessen, and Mendota will enable you to make the best possible selection from the best products available. Call us at (520) 888-8867 or stop by our showroom to see the gas inserts we have on display.