For those desiring to provide warmth and ambiance while utilizing renewable biomass fuel, pellet inserts are the perfect choice. These inserts quickly transform an inefficient, drafty fireplace into an efficient heat generating powerhouse while maintaining eco-friendliness.

Without the hassle of stacking, chopping and seasoning wood, you can spend less time laboring to maintain your fire, and more time truly enjoying it. Even more convenience is available with thermostat controls and burn rate settings. A pellet insert can turn a wood burning fireplace that simply feels like a chore, into the centerpiece of your room that can be enjoyed without the stress and mess.

Available in both classic and transitional styles, these inserts feature easy to use controls and durability to stand the test of time. Give us a call at (520) 888-8867 to discuss pellet inserts in more detail and see if this is the best option to update your fireplace.